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A Division of Maxwell Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

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Our Servies

  • Domestic Relocation Domestic Relocation

    Like international relocation, domestic shifting also causes different kinds of problems. You do not need to worry on any ground

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  • Office & Industries Relocation Office & Industries Relocation

    You essentially need to know that office and industries relocations is very different from home shifting because every office usually

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  • International Relocation International Relocation

    Unlike domestic shifting, international relocation services always causes different kinds of problems. Situation becomes more problematic

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  • Automobile Relocation Automobile Relocation

    Nowadays, every person loves to own a car because it helps to the large extent to travel in a convenient manner as well as saves quality time to spend with

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  • Art and Sculpture Relocation Art and Sculpture Relocation

    There are many people in the country who love decorating home with attractive pieces of art and sculpture. If, you are any of them and facing

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  • Pet Relocation Pet Relocation

    Most of the families keep pet at home. If, you are any of them and facing some kind problem for their shifting as you are moving

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  • Warehousing & Document Storage Warehousing & Document Storage

    Shifting to the new location is not a one day affair. As a matter of fact, it takes around 2-3 days. It might take more time if distance is long.

  • Orientation Services Orientation Services

    There are many shifting companies across the country. Everyone of them always remains ready to serve. But, you essentially need to know they all


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Maxwell Relocations - Serving with Smile!

Maxwell Relocations - Packers and Movers

Winning an award for a service contract is tough but successful accomplishment is quite tougher. Similarly, serving is easy but satisfying the customer is most difficult task. For customer satisfaction, one needs to be disciplined, accountable and highly professional. At Maxwell Relocations, we understand it from the root and work hard for it.

Maxwell Relocations, the best packers and movers, equipped with the most modern shifting gears, contemporary approach towards execution and futuristic vision, combines service and satisfaction with a sense of lasting impressions. The highly professional team from a grass root worker to the top management, fully trained and skilled packers, attentive managers and dedicated customer care staff is living for one motto –“Shifting belongings means shifting emotions of the customer” and the entire process is to be handled with extreme care.

Maxwell Relocations is undoubtedly known for the best practices in the world of packing and moving. While International assignments executed by the company give it an edge, on the other hand millions of domestic shifting assignments including household goods, cars and bikes, pets etc. have positioned the brand as a reliable packers and movers across the globe. Apart from that, the company has successfully completed many industry/ office shifting assignments.

While reliability, efficiency, on-the-spot solutions, expert handling of belongings are the trade mark identities of this leading packers and movers, it's transitional modifications, adaptable services and futuristic approach towards business make it stand apart. Thus, the well known relocation service provider has been able to meet the expected marks representing immaculate services to corporate giants, industries as well as families.

Each and every shifting assignment is treated to be a project and proper blue print is generated before implementing. The role of each staff is clarified to each assigned worker by the supervisor only after discussing it to the higher authority. A comprehensive strategy is formed keeping in mind the volume of the material, its value and nature, root of shifting and vehicles to be used, climatic conditions etc. Be it Monsoon or scorching sun light, be it fragile or a religious or precious material- our experts understand the requirements fully. Zero transshipment is our aim and it gives us a pleasure when we deliver promised results again and again.

During last few decades, we have worked day and night to be the most trusted packers and movers among tough competitors. For the same, we never compromised on our values, practices, ethics, and quality of packing material. A huge amount has been spent every year by us on the training of staff, research of innovative material to be used in shifting etc.

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"India's Best Packers and Movers Company"


Our Testimonials

  • "Crew were dedicated towards its work. Without dedication move was not possible because of the distance between Shimla and Hydrabad. But the dedication made it possible. Thank you very much Maxwell Relocation."

    Sangeeta Devi, DY Manager, SBI
    Shifted from Hyderabad to Shimla, Household Shifting


  • "I have received all the goods here in Hydrabad which was sent from Mumbai. Maxwell provided highly satisfactory service. I will recommend this shifting service to everyone."

    Sanjay Ghosal C/O DR. Reddys, GR. Director, DR. Reddy
    Shifted from MUMBAI to HYDERABAD, Household Shifting


  • "Maxwell gave excellent service. Packaging and loading were done nicely. Things were the same as before. I am very happy to had a shifting service like Maxwell. keep up the good work."

    MR. Abhishek Menon, ITC
    Shifted from HYDERABAD to MUMBAI , Household Shifting