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How To Get The Most Out Of International Relocation Services

How To Get The Most Out Of International Relocation Services

Shifting from one place to another can be a daunting and often, exhausting task. Relocation is undoubtedly a challenging process even more so when you are planning to move countries. But choosing the right packers and movers can make the choresmoother. When picking your moving company there are many different things that you might need to take into consideration such as the number of items you are shifting, insurance, taxes in the country of arrival, and most importantly whether or not the company’s services are within your budget.

To pick the packers and movers that best suit your needs, you should:

Do research, research, and more research: Internet has made life easier and at the click of a button you can get multiple recommendations for international packers and movers. However, having so many choices can be confusing so, you should make a check list of what you need and visit the company’s website and contact them for more information. Additionally, you could check the ratings and reviews given by the company’s previous customers and gain a better understanding of how the company operates.

Read up on custom duty and taxes: Look into the taxes levied by the country you are moving to. Many countries provide tax exemption for household items that are sent by cargo, but most don’t.  

Phone a friend:If this is your first time moving, you can take referrals from your friends or colleagues who have had experience dealing with packers and movers. They will be able to guide you through the process and recommend the best option for your shifting needs.

Choose your mode of transport:You could choose between having your items shipped through air or sea cargo depending on your budget and how soon you need your belongings shifted.Both have their own set of pros and cons with the main difference between the two being the cost and time. Sea freight is cheaper but takes longer to arrive while air freight can be a bit pricey but arrives much faster than sea cargo.

After your initial search you will have prepared a list of companies, go over the following points to narrow down your search and finalise your choice of packers and movers:

Insurance – Items are often damaged in the moving process and so it is important to find out whether the company provides insurance to cover the damage or loss of goods.

License – Ensure that the company is legally licensed to move cargo overseas so that you can have a hassle-free process.

Packing and unpacking costs – Some companies charge extra for packing and unpacking services while some don’t. So, go over the service charges with the moving company and make sure the company provides you with the required packing material such as cardboard boxes and bubble wrap for your fragile items.    

Finally, to hire a packer and mover company, you can request their services online or by phone and get a quotation for their services. Once you have settled on the price and mode of transport, you can go ahead with company and move your belongings.



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