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Moving during the peak season Take a look at these tips

Moving during the peak season Take a look at these tips

Just like everything else even movers and packers experience a peak season. The months of summer, June, July, and August, tend to be the busiest time of the year for moving. This can be largely attributed to the fact that school and university students as well as some officeworkers are on holiday during these months, which makes it a convenient time for people to relocate.This means that there is an increased demand for packers and movers and that their services might not be available on your relocation dates. We have compiled a list of tips so that you can ensure a smooth shifting process even during the peak season:

Plan your move: When you decide to move, make a calendar, and allocate dates for your move. If your relocation dates are falling during the peak season, then make sure you set your shifting timeline accordingly. Planning your relocation can help you be organized and beat the peak season rush.

Book the movers and packers: Once you have decided the dates for your move make sure to book the packers and movers immediately. This will not only help you avoid any unforeseen, but also help you save on any additional moving surcharges. Booking ahead can also decrease the chances of cancellation by the moving company.

Move during the week: It is a rule of thumb that all services including moving services become expensive during the weekend due to the high demand. So, to avoid paying extra try to move during the week and avoid moving on a national holiday. Additionally, it will helpif you move during the middle of the month instead of the beginning or the end, as demand peaks during these times.

Pack concisely: When packing make sure you pack only the things you need and dispose of any items that you no longer require. You could reduce your load by giving away some items for donation. This will help you save on moving expenses because the less items you will have to move, the less you will need to pay.

Secure your belongings: Goods often get damaged during relocation, so make sure you pack your fragile items separately. This not only helps ensure their safety but also avoids them getting mixed up with the rest of the items, to be shifted, that do not require careful handling.

Look for discounts: Summer is the best time to look for discounts on any service. As, it is the peak season for moving the movers’ and packers’ charges tend to be higher and so, using discounts can help you off-set these costs.

Be thorough: Make sure you do a final check of your premises before leaving for the new location. This will help you to account for all your belongings and ensure that nothing is left behind.

Relocating during the peak season can be more difficult than other moves. But bearing these tips in mind will help you manage your shifting process with more ease.


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