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Top five questions that you must ask before hiring packers and movers

Top five questions that you must ask before hiring packers and movers

To hire or not to hire packers and movers is the first question that comes to mind after you have decided to shift home or office. It’s for a fact that you will be debating with yourself, writing down the pros and cons of hiring or not hiring but here are Top five questions that you must ask before hiring packers and movers.

There are many packing and moving services throughout the country and you will be pitched with many exciting shifting deals but how do you choose what’s right for you. Relax, we got you covered because here are Top five questions that you must ask before hiring packers and movers that will help you chose the best out there, in your budget.

  1. License– To avoid scam or amateur movers, ask the packing and moving company about their licenses. They should have a professionally issued license number and be listed for GST as well. You will be trusting the moving company with your essentials and personal belongings hence you have the right to know. A genuine moving and packing company will share all the information you ask for and will not hesitate to clear your doubts. Steer clear of moving companies who tell you they have applied for renewal and the license is on the way.

2. Reviews & Feedbacks– This is a very fair question. Why? Think of your interview and the HR wanted to know about your past experiences and achievements. You must have listed your previous job experiences and shown some reference letters. Similarly, packing and moving companies should also be reviewed before being hired. Ask your family and friends to recommend a packer and mover if they had hired one before. Read testimonials from customers online. There are some forums like Quora where many even put out suggestions.

3. Address– Don’t just hire by word of mouth or online recommendations. You also have to go and meet the professionals once. Don’t place yourself in a situation where you don’t even know what the people who will be taking care of your belongings look like. Ask for their office address and do any or all contract signings at the office itself. Also, you can ask around a bit to see if the packers and movers in question aren’t new on the block.  If they are an old office in the locality, then people around will know them.

4. Insurance– Yes, you need to check if the packers and movers you chose have any insurance services as well. Generally, the moving companies will have connections with insurance companies who provide insurance covers for items that are to be packed and relocated. This means that you will be compensated to an extent if anything were to happen to the belongings while on the move.

5. How interested are they?-Well, this is important because the packing and moving company should know what they need to do and are they asking all the right questions to understand better. They should ask questions before they give you an estimate. This is to ensure there are no last-minute surprises and that they have all the necessary packing material.

These top five questions that you must ask before hiring packers and movers are only here to help you answer any doubts you have in mind. Once all your queries are solved, you can relax because the best packers and movers chosen by you will be in charge of the move.


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