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Why Kitchenware Needs to be Packed by Professionals

Why Kitchenware Needs to be Packed by Professionals

Kitchenware’s have sentiments attached. They tell stories about events and celebrate mishaps. Every household has that one kitchen item they would not replace for anything in the world. 

When it comes to relocating your stuff to a new residence, the kitchen is by far the most difficult room to pack. With all its tiny pieces, foodstuff, cupboards, and drawers, the kitchen possesses items of all shapes and sizes making it all the more difficult to pack while moving. And you can’t even donate kitchen supplies and other appliances as you will be needing them later. No wonder why the kitchen wares are needed to be packed with the help of professionals. 

Without any hesitation, our kitchen is the epicenter of the family. So, when you are moving to a new place, you would defo want your entire items well-organized and labeled to resume an ordinary daily routine. Here’s a checklist about how you can pack your kitchen items the apt way and avoid unnecessary mistakes:


● Make use of Suitable Kitchen Packing Supplies: To pack your stuff the right way, you will need a broad variety of quality kitchen packing supplies to make the moving process easier. Taking care of that fragile kitchenware is all the more important rather than running to the stores for extra supplies. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to spend extra bucks. So, have sufficient amounts of packing supplies. Here’s what you should (and must) have-

○ 20-30 medium-sized, strong packing boxes to pack kitchen wares

○ Quality packing paper to cover the items

○ Moving blankets to double up the cover

○ Quality packing tape to tape the boxes well

○ Permanent markers to mark handling instructions


● Organizing your kitchen wares properly: Pack only those pieces you would want to use in your new home, and get rid of the unwanted, outdated, no more usable stuff. Here’s how you can organize your kitchen wares properly-

○ Get rid of all those items you haven’t utilized in over a year.

○ Keep the items you will need. 

○ Pack the items you wouldn’t require in a bag.

○ Pack the non-allowable (hazardous) kitchen items with your belongings. 

○ Sort out your eatables.


● Packing Kitchen Cupboards: Well, you might get done with the rest of the packing, but when it comes to organizing kitchen cupboards, the task gets troublesome. Here’s how you can do it-

○ Commence with the messy drawers first and then move towards the cleaner ones.

○ Put aside all the unwanted items that you haven’t used in a while.

○ Store all the heavy pieces in one box and all the delicate ones in another. This way the fragile pieces won’t break.

○ Set aside all the wares you’d need in your new home and pack them separately.


● Packing kitchen dishes and glasses: Plates and Glasses are needed to be packed with extra care. Use divided boxes to ensure maximum safety. 

○ Stack the plates in a line and wrap each plate with one or two layers of paper.

○ Cover the entire nested set in a thick layer of cover, place it in a box, and tape it together.

○ Organize the glasses with their mouths facing downwards.

○ Cover the glasses with one to two layers of covering and place them in a box.

○ Carry out the same process for kitchen cutlery, pots and pans, and other small and large kitchen appliances.



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