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We have established a reputation for excellence in domestic and international relocations, serve our clients in India and other countries. Deliver personalized home relocation services, office relocation services, automobile relocation, art, and sculpture relocation, pet relocation and various other relocation services. Packers and Movers In India Who Understand You! ...

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Packers and movers – Who to rely on? A list of qualities your packers and movers should have

Once you have decided to move, the next important decision is to finalize which movers and packers’ company are you going to choose for your relocation. Depending on which company you choose, your moving experience can be seamless or a nightmare. But how can you decide which company to go with? Fret not as we have compiled a list of qualities that you should look for in your movers and packers. Experience: Practice makes a man perfect, and experience makes a company an expert in the services it is offering. ...

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Moving during the peak season Take a look at these tips

Just like everything else even movers and packers experience a peak season. The months of summer, June, July, and August, tend to be the busiest time of the year for moving. This can be largely attributed to the fact that school and university students as well as some officeworkers are on holiday during these months, which makes it a convenient time for people to relocate.This means that there is an increased demand for packers and movers and that their services might not be available on your relocation dates. We have com ...

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Top five questions that you must ask before hiring packers and movers

To hire or not to hire packers and movers is the first question that comes to mind after you have decided to shift home or office. It’s for a fact that you will be debating with yourself, writing down the pros and cons of hiring or not hiring but here are Top five questions that you must ask before hiring packers and movers. There are many packing and moving services throughout the country and you will be pitched with many exciting shifting deals but how do you choose what’s right for you. Relax, we go ...

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Last-minute move and how not to get panicked- Maxwell Relocations

The idea of moving or shifting doesn’t occur to anyone in a moment but these take time and are generally well-planned decisions. But, the nature of emergencies is unpredictable hence to relocate on short notice can induce stress and panic modes. This read here tells you all about Last-minute move and how not to get panicked? It is difficult to execute a last-minute move but it is not impossible. If it makes you feel better here is a quick fact-no matter how well planned your move, it will still be a difficult tas ...

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Read on to understand how to prepare for a Last-minute move and how not to get panicked?

You are going to move no matter how immediately but you are and know about it now. So, it’s time now to stop procrastinating or delaying decisions. Start with the simplest step like deciding to hire packers and movers or maybe by talking to the family about the move. By doing this you have started to prepare yourself for the move. Start organizing as soon as possible now without further delays. Decide immediately. When you are out of time, not taking a decision doesn’t look like a smart move. Seek out all ...

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Be Mindful of Weather During Relocation – Maxwell Relocations

While there are myriads of things you need to plan on your moving day, it’s extremely necessary to be mindful of the weather during relocation’s as well. Whether it’s snowing outside or pouring, winding, sleeting, or even worse, weather conditions can wreak havoc on our otherwise out-and-out, ideal relocating day. Therefore, you need to make preparations for all the forthcoming obstacles in advance. Depending on the location of your move (be it summer or winter), you need to take care of the loo, icy ...

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Why the Experts Should be Hired for Packing and Moving

When you need packing/moving professionals, it becomes very obvious to reach out to every place. For that, you may need a good packer who you can rely on or someone you can trust when it comes to the safety of your belongings. You might have faced a lot of problems if you ever had shifted from one place to another. Without a doubt, packing and moving goods (appliances) is a great task! This makes it tremendously important to hire a good firm of packers or movers so that you can get the full protection of your go ...

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Why Kitchenware Needs to be Packed by Professionals

Kitchenware’s have sentiments attached. They tell stories about events and celebrate mishaps. Every household has that one kitchen item they would not replace for anything in the world.  When it comes to relocating your stuff to a new residence, the kitchen is by far the most difficult room to pack. With all its tiny pieces, foodstuff, cupboards, and drawers, the kitchen possesses items of all shapes and sizes making it all the more difficult to pack while moving. And you can’t even donate ki ...

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What you need to focus on when shifting your home or office

Relocating your home or office is a big decision. Selecting your next space involves a careful selection process wherein there are multiple factors that you need to take into consideration such as the size of the new location, moving costs, and more. But planning and organizing can make the move much easier. These are the key areas to focus on when setting out to move your home or office: Planning– Plan your move. Instead of squeezing your shifting into a few days you can gradually move into your new home or o ...

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